5-Ingredient Superfood Coffee to Kickstart your Morning

by health and wellness expert Sophie Jaffe


Sophie Jaffe is a Los-Angeles based raw food chef, yoga teacher, wellness entrepreneur, podcaster, and super mama who has one of those rare instagram accounts that make you smile, inspired, and feel like for just a moment you get to tap into her real life. 

Sophie is the founder of PHILOSPHIE, a wellness brand with "the goal of making it easier, more inspiring, and more delicious to attain optimal health and radiant wellness." We asked Sophie to create a delicious recipe that doesn't demand too many ingredients, during this time of home isolation, and we can't wait for you to try it! Read below for what she says about the nutritional power of mushrooms, the 5 ingredient recipe, and her morning routine she can't miss.


I can’t start my day without a superfood coffee and find that even while so much of my daily life has shifted and nothing really seems “normal” having my daily rituals like a superfood coffee, some alone time to drop in and connect to my inner spirit, and movement of some kind is absolutely CRUCIAL for my sanity. 

I’ve been adding this Cacao Magic Superfood + Protein Blend to my coffee for years now with coconut milk + coffee for a balanced energized hit. There’s NO crash which I really appreciate since ain’t nobody got time for dat!

During this time, it’s so important to check in to what your body intuitively needs and flood your internal systems with as much whole, vibrant and nutritious foods as possible. Hormone balancing + plant-based protein helps you stay energized, grounded and fulfilled. Keep your meals simple, load up with TONS of fruits + veggies and lovingly create each meal you make. Use this as a time to reconnect to your relationship to your food and treat yourself with so much love and kindness. Return to the place of discovering food as LOVE + as COMFORT.

5-Ingredient Superfood Mushroom Coffee

Mushrooms are SO good for you. The healing + adaptogenic benefits of reishi mushroom inspired us to create my Philosophie Cacao Magic blend. They’re loaded with antioxidants, have been shown to help ease stress and promote relaxation and when combined with coffee - they balance out the negative effects (i.e. jitters, crash, etc.) and promote a more natural energizing boost. 

Serves: 4

Gather This:

4 cups your favorite plant-based milk

3 tbsp Cacao Magic Superfood + Protein Blend (or your favorite chocolate protein powder)

1 tbsp Cacao Bee Honey (or your favorite sweetener)

1 tbsp coconut butter

2-3 cups brewed coffee

Do This:

Combine all in a blender then heat on the stovetop. Enjoy!


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