7 Songs to Add to Your Meditation Playlist

By Modern Muze Co-Founder and Global Meditation Writer & Teacher Julie Skon


Let me start by saying that I love to meditate with music. Many meditation teachers and experts will tell you that silent meditation is the best for you, and yes, silent meditation is relaxing and has many health benefits. However, incorporating music into meditation has its own set of additional benefits. For one, sometimes our thoughts are firing too rapidly to sit down in silence, and music has this beautiful way of quickly calming our minds and bodies. Secondly, music is naturally healing, with different sounds and frequencies balancing our energy. Finally, music adds another dimension to meditation, sometimes making it even more relaxing, more emotional, or more connected. 

Here, I share with you my current top 7 favorite songs to meditate to and teach with. I also share how I use them. If you want to listen, here is a link to my spotify meditation playlist that includes them all. Happy Meditating!

1. Faith's Hymn by Beautiful Chorus. For a peaceful wake-up, this is my go-to morning meditation music.

2. Devi Prayer by Craig Pruess & Ananda. This song is in sanscrit and sings to the Divine Mother within and around us. I turn to this song for healing.

3. Bad Karma by Axel Thesleff. This is for an active meditation for energy or to brush off negativity. I use this to dance to.

4. The Power is Here Now by Alexia Chellun. I love this for a meditation any time I need to get centered and come back into my body. It slows me down and reminds me of love. 

5. Moola Mantra Blessings by Paz, Miranga Johansen. For blessings. This chanting brings peace and joy.

6. I Rise Up by Beautiful Chorus. This song inspires me to keep going, it reminds me of my own strength and of those around me. 

7. Gentle Steps by Neil Tatar. This piano music instantly makes me feel at home, relaxed, and grateful. I love to listen to this before bed. 

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