BUILT TO LAST by Adriana Sheri

Adriana-SheriLos Angeles native, actor, writer, and philanthropist Adriana Sheri, has been honing her skills in philanthropy for the past decade.
Originally an entertainment business creative consultant, Adriana blended her skills with confabulating for major brands, wrapped a voice over project, finished her Psychology degree in counseling for her non profit; Godiss Love, and wrote and published her first inspirational book called I Am Who I See I Am.
Being able to counsel, write and act, has brought about a perfect marriage of her passions. At the core of who she is, Adriana and her Godiss Love team strive to change the world by building up one girl at a time.  Godiss Love was created with that just in mind. Their mission is to create lasting solutions for girls through empowerment and education.



MODERN MUZE reached out to Adriana and asked her to share words of inspiration. Read her mindset elevating essay here:

BUILT TO LAST by Adriana Sheri

She wore the sun in her smile, the stars in her eyes. Although she was under construction, she was built strong and made to last!

Life isn’t fair! Who said it was supposed to be? Life is a gift! A gift we don’t look at as a present. A present in which we should be present for. A lot of times we are so ingrained in wanting to make something of ourselves, that we miss the presence of life. The gift. Awe, yes, that word again. The very thing God allowed us to have and have abundantly.

One might say I don’t have an abundant life. Well, that’s all in how you look at your fill. Is your cup half empty or half full? We are all a constant work in progress, and each day as we engage in self healing activities such as meditation, prayer, eating healthy, laughter, and exercise is when and only when we begin to strengthen the soul. Now that is the gift!

Don’t be afraid to try something fresh and new. In order to evolve, you must always stay current with the times, and what’s happening now. If you stay complacent, you will be stuck in old ways being unable to evolve. Old habits will not create new ways. Step out of your comfort zone. You are not your thoughts! If you trust God, you will not fail. Stop being afraid if you’re not doing something. Sometimes getting quiet before God, is all he needs from us. To be still is being able to hear Him speak. Don’t mix up execution for maximization. If you have an idea, follow through, execute, maximize, and see it to completion. Then move on! If it’s not serving or working for you, try a new or another approach. You are talented and gifted, but joy in all things will serve you. Some are hobbies, and you must treat them as such. You have your dreams, your realities, and your hobbies. Once you determine which ones are which, your life will make more sense. Confusion carries weight that will lead into sorrow if you allow yourself to be swept away by the sea of just doing. Just doing distracts you, and keeps you busy to fulfill a void of not doing. Confusion will be your ultimate unhappiness. Stay on track and keep your focus on the right things. Even the wisest are still students eager and ready to learn. Profits aren’t God, they are still his students. Just because you are in the know, and feel woke, that you’re all knowing, but what you think isn’t always what’s right. Be still, get quiet, and listen! God will send teachers to you in the form you would never expect. His lessons in class are not easy or obvious.

Why do you think this class is called Life? He never said it would be easy, but did ask that no matter what... You will trust Him! Once we change our mindset and take heed, God will send the right people in to assist you. You must trust the process and be open. We all have a path given to us, therefore we should not pass judgment on to one another. The only way to test growth is by strength. He has to know that you can withstand the storm. We must get out of our heads and live a little. We don’t have to control our thoughts, we have to just stop letting them control us. Simply tell them... thank you, not now. Acknowledge the emotion, don’t become it . Ships don’t sink by the water around them, they sink by the water that gets in them. Protect your space. 

Repeat after me: Every day is a gift. I will be present. I am built to last! 

- Adriana Sheri

Connect with Adriana: @adrianasheri | Godiss Love

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