Balancing Relationship, Parenting, and Writing, During Stay at Home Orders. Written By Amber Hurley

Amber_Hurley_Perfectly_Redefined_Modern_MuzeSo most of us are at home, struggling with virtual learning with the kids, you being back and forth from the computer screen and your own work, then reheating that same cup of coffee for the third time! On top of that, you’re not getting enough alone time or sex with your Significant Other, and you feel like you’re just not meeting everyone’s needs in the house including your own! So how do you do it? What do you do?

Honestly, I’m winging this crap like my eyeliner! It’s HARD sometimes. Sometimes I cry, I walk out of the house and go sit in my car, or I’ll even go to bed and leave my husband, the kids, and the dog downstairs to fend for themselves. That’s just it! But ya know what, there are times when you have to reel it in, and snap back and be strong and stand firm against the pressures of everyday life especially living in such odd times as this! Being a stay at home mom was definitely something I signed up for and wanted, but not a stay at home mom during a pandemic. That’s a completely different ball game.

Don’t forget your sanity mamas, remember you’re more than just a mom. Don’t forget your sexiness and go show your significant other how sexy you are and just escape for a moment with each other. Don’t lose yourself and parts of your soul because of what society says you should or shouldn’t do or become a pressure pot because you feel the need for perfection! We’re all doing the best we can out here. Take one day at a time and give yourself some GRACE! Every time I whip myself back, and carry on despite the frustrations, I’m redefining myself along with that same grace I’m giving myself as well. Hence my name, Perfectly_Redefined.

Everyday we as women are redefining ourselves in small and large ways in the way we do things, the way we speak, walk, act, think, and so forth. So let’s redefine ourselves perfectly flawed, embracing all that we are, while continuing to grow and thrive! 

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