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Hi Muzes!

I am so excited to share this new exciting journey with you! This podcast opportunity came to me at the perfect time, as you know I have been home with Kennedy for almost a year now and it has been the most amazing, humbling, and spiritual time of my life. I realize that having the capability of staying home with my daughter to build this lifelong bond is surely a privilege, as I am aware of the short time allotted for postpartum mothers in the work force.  To those women, my own sister included, I stand with you in solidarity and love, as I know that is not an easy transition to make. Having said that, I missed, really missed my creative expression! I recently just returned to "work" by shooting a really fun TV show called Ramble On, created, written and directed by Entourage creator Doug Ellin. We were lucky enough to shoot it here in LA, mostly at ACTION PARK MEDIA, my partner's, (Kevin) podcast and production studio! I have to say it was so much fun, especially since I was able to have Kennedy on set playing my daughter! Anyway, more on this later, I will keep you posted as things develop!

Now, back to the beginning of the story, EntertainHer! I was approached by my good friend Sara Sanderson about her idea to have a platform of four women from different aspects of the entertainment industry talking about all of the trials and laughs along the way! So here it is, it is my hope that you will follow along and get involved in the conversation, EntertainHer is available on Apple or wherever you download your podcasts! 

Click here to listen to the very 1st episode! EntertainHER 

Big conversations call for a big pour of wine! Grab a glass and join the 4 ladies of the EntertainHer Podcast. Each week catch up with NFL and entertainment host Erin Coscarelli, actress, CEO & mom Zulay Henao, entrepreneur, designer, & mom Erica Cedeno and actress/comedian Sara Sanderson as they dive into juicy, unfiltered conversations about all things life, relationships, and keeping it real in Hollywood. You’ll hear from celebrity friends, industry experts, therapists, coaches, and more! Pull up a chair and join these besties for a virtual happy hour. This is a fun weekly podcast that will make you feel like you have four new best friends, who are all still figuring it out themselves. Get ready to laugh, cry and live your best life.

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  • Love it! I’ll be following along!

    Lina Marcella

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