SEX and COVID-19 - Let's Talk about it!


Let’s face it, being quarantined and at home due to social distancing regulations has a lot of us feeling inevitably more frisky, and can you blame us? 

SEX, good, consensual sex, is downright delicious and fun, in addition to being great for your mental and physical health. While the current state of affairs is edging us toward indulging in these good times, I am here to tell you, not so fast Sister!

With the spread of Covid-19 reaching new heights, safe sex measures have to be reconsidered. The New York City Government has released a statement outlining what safe sex looks like during this time, read the full article here, and below is my Modern Muze insight on sex during this time, so we can do our part in stopping the spread of COVID-19.



If you are among the lucky to have your sexual partner as your quarantine partner - INDULGE and get sexy with it! Cook dinner, break out your best bottle of grapes and hang from the chandelier in your best La Perla lingerie…However, there are precautions to take there as well, (did I just ruin a wet-dream, sorry) if either of you become symptomatic of simply don't feel well, all physical contact, including kissing should stop.

By now, we all know the 6ft distance rule from everyone, except those you’ve been quarantining with. So this means, if you and your sexual partner(s) have not been quarantined together, safe sex, is NO sex! This virus is spreading in large numbers, and it is our responsibility to follow these guidelines.



NO BOOTY CALLS, or new partners! (Read that over and over again!) 

However, and this "however" is JUICY! 

No one said you had to risk the orgasm, you are your safest sex partner, and I would never ask you to risk your health by not feeding your sexual needs. Self-pleasing and reaching orgasm during this time can be a great healing escape and beautiful way to connect with yourself in a glorious intimate way. There is so much to explore in the complex landscape of the subjective female orgasm, did you know that there are 10 different types? Yep, google it, like I did, and get to the good stuff, like this article by Women's Health.

Don’t worry this too shall pass… at which time we will revisit the booty call conversation in a different context:)

No Shame, All Glory. 


We are sending you lots of LOVE from MODERN MUZE!
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