NICOLE CAROLINE X MODERN MUZE talk Facial Icing, Female Entrepreneurialism, and Clean Beauty

I don't necessarily hop on the trend train when it comes to how I take care of my skin. I am one of those people that finds products and a routine that I like and I stick to it. That is, I didn't adventure much out of my skincare practices UNTIL I discovered Facial Icing Spheres by Nicole Caroline (and it has completely up-leveled my skincare game).

A quick backstory, early one morning near the beginning of home isolation during Covid, I came across an Instagram Live with supermodel Irina Shayk for Vogue Italia. I clicked on it, and saw her using this perfectly round ball of ice infused with rose water and natural hydrating elements for skin as she shared that using these ice spheres is her morning skincare go-to practice. She explained how it helps with puffiness, wakes up her skin, and the elements infused with the ice are naturally healing and nourishing for the skin. I immediately tried to find the spheres, but I missed the part of the live where Irina shared that they came from skincare expert and Master Esthetician Nicole Caroline. 

Needless to say, time went by and I could still not find these magical spheres. Until one day, the stars aligned, and Nicole and Modern Muze connected on social media (thank you instagram)! It turns our that Nicole and Co-Founder, Zulay Henao, have known each other for years and Zulay even had and uses the ice spheres daily. So, here we are, I have my ice sphere in hand and I am so excited to share with you our interview with Nicole. You will learn her story of being an esthetician, how her ice spheres went socially viral and her business exponentially grew overnight. She also shares clean skincare tips and also gets real and vulnerable about being a female entrepreneur and how she balances work, family, and mindset health. 

Thank you Nicole! (written while intermittently icing my face)

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