Honey Masking ritual Kit

Honey Masking Ritual Kit

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We have combined our two favorite all-natural products to create this at home ritual that will leave your skin glowing.

The B.Powered combines ALL the superfoods of the hive to fuel your mind and body! This healing blend includes immune-supportive propolis, brain-nourishing and skin-beautifying royal jelly, energizing bee pollen, and the Beekeepers Natural's signature raw enzymatic honey.

The Jasmine Green Tea Facial Steam is a radiance-boosting mixture of organic tea + botamicals to detox, hydrate, and deeply purge the pores from impurities. 

Step 1: With a clean face, prepare the tea facial steam. Add 3-4 cups boiling water to a bowl with 2-3 spoonfuls of the tea mixture. Place a towel over your head to allow the steam to run over your face for 5-8 minutes.
Step 2: Dry your face and apply a single layer of honey. Let sit 15 - 20 minutes and rinse off. Enjoy a tsp of honey to eat as well!
*If you have any allergies to honey or bee products, do not use 


What's included: 4.4oz B.POWERED Superfood Honey + Travel pack (4 uses) of Selia & Co Jasmine Green Tea Facial Steam $27