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Discover Your Inner Muza Moderna



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Amigas Circle Conversation Cards

A bilingual card game by #weallgrowlatina with 99 prompt cards intentionally charged,to strengthen your relationships by igniting conversations that nurture intimacy.
Gather your amigas, sisters, tias, y primas! Connect with your community Connect with yourself!
“Each card in the deck contains the frequencies of unity and solidarity with thoughtfully crafted questions in Spanish and English to gather in circles and ignite soul-aligned conversations for intergenerational sharing, bonding, and witnessing of each other’s journeys.”
- Ana Flores, #WeAllGrow Founder & Co-Ceo
  • Intergenerational healing.
  • Learning to take up space.
  • Finding strength in sisterhood.
  • Reclaiming your right to thrive.
  • Connecting to your inner power.




Discover your inner muza moderna

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