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9 Latina Trailblazers to Follow in 2024

Latinas are changing the world one corner at a time. From entertainment to business, we’re proving just how poderosas Latinas are. This 2024, we’re kicking off the year by showcasing nine Latinas that inspire us to keep learning, growing, and going after our dreams.

Happy muzings!

1.Lisa Vidal

Actress Lisa Vidal is the co-founder of Latinas Acting Up. The group emerged during the SAG-Aftra strikes after protesting outside Warner Brothers Studios in California. The “Being Mary Jane” star stood up for underpaid Latinas and workers exploited in the entertainment industry.

“All of us Latinos need to realize that we have been contributing to this country for years and we work our asses off,” Vidal said at a September 29, 2023 rally. “We deserve respect, to get paid, and to be proud of ourselves. It’s super important for us to lift each other up and be unified.”

2. Diana Maria Riva

“Dead to Me” actress Diana Maria Riva is leaving a trail of fierceness in her wake. The co-founder of “Latinas Acting Up,” showed up at the picket line on September 29 to support underpaid workers.

“We want equal pay, we want a sustainable living,” she said at the rally. “Although we all have different talents, we are all fighting for the same thing. We have a right to take up space. We are allowed to live joyously, and that means getting paid a livable wage.”

3. Annie Gonzalez

Chicana actress, singer, and dancer Annie Gonzalez stole everyone’s hearts this year with her role in “Flamin’ Hot” as Judy Montañez. Check out what this bright star is doing next.

4. Melissa Adan

ABC News reporter Melissa Adan is a trailblazer for Latinas in media. The Cuban-American reporter is a bilingual journalist who rose to prominence after she covered Pope Francis’ visit to the Texas/Mexico border. She is based in San Diego, California.

5. Johanny Adames

Serving as the Press Secretary for the United States Department of Education, Adames has been opening doors for Latinas since the start of her career. Working for organizations such as Planned Parenthood, Latina Victory Project and more, the Dominican communications expert is someone you want on your radar.

6. Ana Flores

Co-CEO and Founder of #WeAllGrow Latina, Ana Flores leads as a “soul-centered entrepreneur.” The Texas native coined the phrase “When one grows, we all grow” 13 years ago and is certainly one of the most important Latina entrepreneurs to follow in 2024.

7. Vanessa Santos

Joining Flores as Co-CEO of #WeAllGrow Latina, Vanessa Santos is an award-winning entrepreneur, brand strategist, and community leader. “My true passion lies in guiding ambitious BIWOC to unearth their hidden strengths and unlock their newfound superpowers,” she states on her website. If you’re looking for a great mentor, this is it!

8. Esoteric Esa

Jasmin Alejandrez-Prasad is a bruja, astrologist, coach, and tarot reader decolonizing spirituality. If you’re looking for a spiritual guide and new astrology bestie, make sure to keep her in your orbit.

9. Rebecca Alvarez-Story

Sexologist and founder of Bloomi, Rebecca Alvarez-Story, is demystifying sex for Latinas. Whether it’s providing helpful sexual health information or coming up with new products, this Latina is dropping the knowledge we all want.