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Latina Sexologist Shares Her Best Tips for Your Most Sensual Valentine’s Day Yet

This year, we've partnered with Latina Sexologist Rebecca Alvarez Story, founder of Bloomi, to help you break through taboos and dive into your most pleasurable sex life yet.
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Morning Affirmations

Kickstart Your Day With 8 Powerful Affirmations Backed by Science to Transform Your Mornings

Feeling stressed and overwhelmed? Start your day right with these powerful affirmations! Science shows they can rewire your brain for positivity and boost your mental well-being. Try our 8 Modern
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Sunshine Foss Elevates Black and Minority-Owned Wine and Spirits at Happy Cork by Raising a Glass to Diversity

Founded by Sunshine Foss in 2019, this vibrant store has carved out a unique space by celebrating and championing the often-overlooked world of Black and minority-owned brands.
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8 Afro-Latinas Changing the World You Need to Follow Today

In honor of Black History Month, we're honoring nine Afro-Latinas who inspire us with their unique voices and tenacity.
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9 Essential Tips and Tools to Unleash Your Inner Muze and Crush Your Goals in 2024

Unleash your full potential with these 9 essential tools and tips from strategic planning to unstoppable productivity, discover the key to reaching your goals in 2024.
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Bring out the muze that lives inside you with these picks from the Modern Muze editorial team. Tried and true to inspire the muze within!

Modern Muze is designed to celebrate every aspect of

Being a LATINA

To celebrate that Latina’s are not a monolith and that’s ok! That they don’t need, nor should they stand for, a catch all definition / depiction of what it means to be a Latina.  And most of all, they should stop trying to emulate other Latinas or non Latinas and be their authentic selves.

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