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Arsenic, Lead and Other Toxic Metals Found in Tampons, Here’s What it Means for Our Health

Arsenic, lead and other toxic metals were found in tampons during the first study conducted of its kind. Here's what they found.
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This Activist is Leading Los Angeles Toward a Greener Future: Nalleli Cobo’s Inspiring Journey for Environmental Justice

While facing countless personal health struggles from pollution, including being diagnosed with cancer at 19, Cobo stepped fearlessly into the world of advocacy, rallying alongside her mother to improve the
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Modern Muze and Poderistas Team Up to Help Latinas Make Wellness Their Superpower

Empowering Latinas to take control of their health was the theme at this year’s Poderistas “Salud y Poder” event on May 18. Hosted by Modern Muze CEO Zulay Henao, the
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Adelaide Kikam

How Dr. Adeline Kikam’s Approach to Inclusive Dermatology is Changing Skincare for People of Color

In an interview with Modern Muze, Dr. Adeline Kikam shares how to promote inclusive skincare and the best products for people of color.
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9 Essential Tips and Tools to Unleash Your Inner Muze and Crush Your Goals in 2024

Unleash your full potential with these 9 essential tools and tips from strategic planning to unstoppable productivity, discover the key to reaching your goals in 2024.
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Modern Muze is designed to celebrate every aspect of

Being a LATINA

To celebrate that Latina’s are not a monolith and that’s ok! That they don’t need, nor should they stand for, a catch all definition / depiction of what it means to be a Latina.  And most of all, they should stop trying to emulate other Latinas or non Latinas and be their authentic selves.

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