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Latina Sexologist Shares Her Best Tips for Your Most Sensual Valentine’s Day Yet

Whether you’re single or in a relationship, Valentine’s Day brings along unique pressures, particularly when it comes to fun in the bedroom.

This year, we’ve partnered with Latina Sexologist Rebecca Alvarez Story, founder of Bloomi, to help you break through taboos and dive into your most pleasurable sex life yet. Perhaps this Valentine’s Day, the best gift is feeling inspired, grounded and alive with your partner or on your own.

You’ve been helping Latinas and women of color embrace their sexuality with your products for several years now. How does your new product, Caress, stand out from the rest and how can we use it to improve our sex lives?

One thing I’ve realized in the Latina/Latine community, is that pleasure, specifically sexual pleasure, can be difficult to incorporate into our everyday lives. Although it is quite common for women of color to own vibrators, there is often learned shame that we carry that can make it challenging to enjoy the toys and limit pleasure from masturbation. 

Caress serves as a gentle stigma-breaker in the realm of pleasure and relaxation.  As a massager that doubles as a pleasure product, it fosters a positive association with relaxation and soothing your body. It allows you to view body massages and self-pleasure as equally important.

With Valentine’s Day approaching, many people may feel stressed about making plans or feeling pressured to do something special. What are some low-key ideas you can share to keep it simple yet sensual?

We are still in an intimacy crisis post-COVID, where people are longing for connection. I would encourage everyone to think beyond Valentine’s Day and ask themselves, ‘What would make my day or evening pleasurable?’. This is something you can do any day, including holidays like V-day. Some suggestions include:

  • Get grounded in your body — Dance, meditate, get a massage.
  • Rest and hydrate — Sexual arousal works best when you are well-rested and hydrated. Don’t go on a date or outing when you are very tired.
  • Plan options — Allow yourself to go with the flow with how you feel by giving yourself a couple options for that day/evening. For example, netflix and chill; cook something yummy with sensual music on.

Bloomi is known for its holistic approach to sexual wellness. How does utilizing botanicals in your oils contribute to people’s overall well-being?

There is rich history in the botanicals we use. One of my favorites is Damiana, an ancient aphrodisiac flower that originates in Mexico, South America, and the Caribbean known for elevating mood and arousal. We love incorporating ingredients like this into our line because they allow the products to naturally work with our bodies –without synthetic ingredients or hormone disruptors that are commonly used in our space.

Both Caress and the Relax Body oil are going to be part of the Modern Muze Valentine’s Day “Amor Starts With Me” shop. How do you think your products can help people love themselves more and be their own Muze?

I’m so proud to share that Bloomi intimacy toys can be used with Bloomi oil-based products. We are the only brand on the market that can say this. Our toys are made with the highest grade medical-grade silicone and we’ve tested compatibility with our oils. This means we fully encourage you to use Relax Massage Oil with Caress for a sensual and relaxing full-body experience. 

Check out Bloomi’s arousal oil and brand-new full-body massager in our Muze shop for a bit of added fun.