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From Ashes to Inspiration: How Rebecca Justice Transformed Tragedy Into a Jewelry Empire

Rebecca Justice knows a thing or two about rising from the ashes.

In 2007, the Witch Creek fires ravaged San Diego, leaving a path of destruction. Rebecca, her husband David, and their three children lost everything in the blaze.

Rebecca Justice
Photo Permission: Rebecca Justice

Her family home, irreplaceable heirlooms, and cherished memories turned to ash. But amidst the devastation, a spark of resilience ignited. Rebecca, along with her partner Marie Cunning, rebuilt not just a home, but a legacy. 

The idea for House of Sacred Flame blossomed as they designed their new sanctuary, a space filled with custom-crafted furniture. They envisioned creating jewelry that would adorn the body and inspire the soul.

House of Sacred Flame is a testament to resilience and turning tragedy into beauty

The story of House of Sacred Flame jewelry is as unique and inspiring as the pieces themselves.

“Our collections are derived from tragedy,” she said in an interview. “Every piece is made with love and positive energy. It is a healing passion. The flames that took our home did not take my heart and love for my passion, so to see it come to fruition is for all the victims who chose to be bigger than their misfortune.”

Beyond accessories, the jewelry line is a tangible reminder of our inner strength and the power we hold to shape our destinies. Natural stones are meticulously chosen for their symbolic meaning and then embedded into each piece. Inspired by antique European designs, the iconic medallions whisper stories of hope, courage, and unwavering faith.

“I wanted to help heal through fashion, through design,” Justice adds. “Can’t put a couch around someone’s neck and I loved jewelry, so did my business partner. It started out with healing stones.”

Rebecca Justice’s inspiration rose from witnessing the community’s support after the wildfires

For Justice, House of Sacred Flame is also a testament to the community’s unity in supporting wildfire victims. Because of this, she continues her mission of creating a designs inspiring hope.

“Seeing how the community came together to donate whatever they could, that overwhelming feeling of appreciation and outpouring of love changed me,” she tells Modern Muze. “I also wanted my kids to see triumph over tragedy, overcoming misfortune, so House of Sacred Flame, our sacred place, our home, was born.”

In addition to statement pieces and accessories for women, the line includes a collection for men. The jewelry line is available online at, Nordstrom, and unique boutiques.