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Sofía Vergara Embraces Accent, Shuts Down Talk Show Host in Spain

Sofía Vergara is not letting anyone put her down. The 51-year-old Colombian actress is on the press tour of her much-anticipated Netflix original series “Griselda” and is making sure everyone knows who the jefa really is. In an interview on “El Hormiguero”, the Barranquillera schooled talk show host Pablo Motos after he made fun of her English accent.

A viral clip shows the moment Vergara shot down Motos after his interjection when she was explaining her role in “Modern Family.” As she spoke about her character, Gloria Pritchett, Motos says “How do you say ‘Modern Family’?” targeting her accent.

But instead of getting upset, Vergara decided to show Motos what a true Latina burn looks like. Saying “I say it wrong? Oh, because you speak better English than me? Ahhh.”

After Motos poked fun at her accent, Vergara asked him how many times he’d been nominated for an Emmy or Golden Globe

The fearless “Griselda” star went on to ask the host how many times he’s received an Emmy or Golden Globe nomination throughout his career. Needless to say, he has none, compared to Vergara, who has four Emmy and Golden Globe nominations under her belt.

However, it seemed like the talk show host didn’t have enough, shooting even more uncomfortable questions her way. Pointing to the early days of Vergara’s career, he claimed Vergara lied about her natural hair color.

“I guess it’s a lie that you are a natural blonde,” he said.

To which Vergara responded, “I’m blonde now. Or do you think I have black hair?” And he added, “The hair you have now. Is it dyed or natural?” We really want to know how this is relevant to her new series.

Finally, she points back at him. “It’s mine. I was 20 years old [in the photo being showed], now I’m 51 years old. What do you want?” Then, she asks him about his graying hair, “You were born with your hair that color? Did you dye it?”

Vergara called Motos a “liar” after he missed this important detail from her upcoming series

Finally, Motos gets to the real reason we were all watching in the first place — Vergara’s new series “Griselda.” Based on the true story of the “Cocaine Godmother” Griselda Blanco, Vergara not only stars in it but also produced and directed it. Can we say reina?

The 58-year-old states he watched the series entirely, pointing to the first five seconds of the opening scene. “You sell the entire series in the first phrase in the first five seconds,” he starts.

“The series is based on a true story, and we get this phrase at the beginning: ‘Pablo Escobar: The only man I have been scared of is a woman…Griselda Marcos.’” Rule number one of journalism: double-check all names.

Vergara corrects him, “She really wasn’t named Griselda Marcos, she was named Griselda Blanco…But because you saw the entire series…” LOL.

Adding “I knew I was going to catch you.”

On social media, fans have shown their support for the actress, particularly for the way she conducted herself despite the uncomfortable questions. All we can say is, we’re proud to have an artist of her caliber defending and inspiring Latinas everywhere.