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Spring Into Clean With Expert Tips from the ‘CEO of Cleaning’

Spring has sprung! It’s time to declutter and refresh our homes with a deep cleaning.

Sharon Garcia

While a massive spring cleaning project can be daunting, Modern Muze sat down with Sharon Garcia, the internet’s favorite “CEO of Cleaning,” on Instagram and #CleanTok to tackle it all. 

Garcia, a Fabuloso® Cleaning Expert shared her best tips for a smooth and efficient spring cleaning experience that will leave your house spotless and set you up for success in the future.

Set timers and separate rooms to minimize work

Garcia believes messes are best tackled before they become monstrous. That’s why, instead of cleaning your entire house at once, she suggests going room by room and setting a timer.

“I know that when people see my videos, they’re like, ‘Okay, that’s kind of the motivation I needed to keep going,'” she says. “In every single space we just pile up stuff throughout time. But it’s all about taking the time every day to do a little bit, do what you can. I always tell people to set timers, five, ten-minute timers, or whatever time you have. If you have 30 minutes, great! Set a 30-minute timer and just see how much you can get done.”

Set up air purifiers around the house to reduce dust

As spring and summer come around, dust and dirt tends to pile up. One of Garcia’s recommendations is to keep air purifiers in the home to reduce the amount of dusting and cleaning that needs to be done.

“I recommend having air purifiers in your home to help you. They also help with allergies and breathing and collect all that dust,” she states. “When you go to clean, you can avoid certain things like dusting every single day because your air purifier is kind of taking care of that, whereas you can do it once a week, maybe. I would suggest also planning a schedule.”

Products like alcohol, baking soda, and Fabuloso are cleaning must-haves

Finding the right products for cleaning is pivotal for keeping your home chemical-free while disinfecting effectively. For this, Garcia has her top natural products and her favorite product to keep around: Fabuloso.

“I would have to start with my natural products: vinegar, rubbing alcohol, baking soda, and hydrogen peroxide. Then I have my favorite product in every room—and that’s some Fabuloso,” she says. “I also need a balance. My natural cleaning products can only take care of a certain amount of things, you know? And then I need Fabuloso to come in because every day my fingers collect dirt from everything I touch and the dust also is dirt from outside. That stuff can only be handled with a good degreaser. I trust in Fabuloso for that.

Include the entire family when cleaning up

Involving your family in spring cleaning offers many benefits beyond just getting the job done faster. Here’s why Garcia encourages a team effort.

“I don’t have any kids, but I do have a nephew, who comes to visit me a lot of the time, he is four years old. I give him little chores that I know he’s capable of, and he does them all amazingly. Kids are so willing to help because they’re just little sponges that are just retaining everything that you’re doing.
she says. “If they see you have this cleaning routine, they’re going to want to help by passing a fake vacuum, or give them the duster, a little rag with some water, and just tell them to dust things off. They’re going to be happily doing it. So giving kids age-appropriate little chores is great to get them in the cleaning mode and they’re around.”

As far as partners, she suggests keeping communication open.

“Getting help from your partner is important and communication is super important because you can let them know, ‘Hey, I’m struggling on these parts where I know I should be striving and doing amazing, but I need help.'”