‘To All My Muzas’—Zulay Henao’s Personal Letter to Our Readers

Dear Muzas, 

There was a time when we were taught we couldn’t be our own inspiration. We had to look outside of ourselves to find what we were looking for. To garner confidence, intelligence, beauty, because perhaps we weren’t born with it. 

I remember for much of my life — I thought this too. Until one day, between despair and brightness, Modern Muze was born. It was one of those dark moments where life inevitably takes you, full of questions and introspection. I remember thinking: 

What if I became my own muse?

What if I decided I was talented enough?

Beautiful enough. 

American enough. 

Enough period.

It was like the sun breaking through the horizon, illuminating a side of myself that was realizing perhaps, instead of looking outside myself, where society always steered my gaze, I could change the narrative. That’s when I harnessed the power of my Latinidad and started building this incredible platform I present to you today. 

Modern Muze is a media company aimed at creating provocative, inspiring, revolutionary content for Latina and multi-cultural women centered on the pillars of soul, beauty, health and community.  Our collective mission is to become our own Muze and live our best life. 

Everything we do is crafted with the passion and belief that women are capable of achieving anything they set their mind to, being bold, sexy, creative and whatever makes them feel like the best version of themselves. 

We look forward to welcoming you to our Muze community.

Con mucho amor, 

Zulay Henao

Founder & CEO