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Awaken the Power of Love With the Amor Starts With Me Valentine’s Day Muze Bundle

Collage by Sarah Tió

Imagine a Valentine’s Day that transcends the ordinary. Forget the tired routine of flowers and chocolates. This year, create an unforgettable experience for yourself, your partner and your friends with the Amor Starts With Me Muze Bundle, a curated collection on our Modern Muze shop designed to awaken your senses and ignite your passion.

You can buy each item directly from our shop. Another amazing perk? All the items are designed and crafted by Latina entrepreneurs. Happy Valentine’s Day, Muzas!

Classic Muze Black Tee

Its sleek, minimalist design whispers of empowerment and self-love, while the soft fabric caresses your skin, helping you tackle every single goal.

Amigas Circle Conversation Cards

Spark meaningful conversations with the Amigas Circle Conversation Cards from #WeAllGrow Latina. Dive deep into your connection, explore hidden desires, and rediscover the joy of vulnerability with your friends, family members, and more.

Bloomi Caress Massager

Let the pampering begin. Indulge in a sensual massage ritual with the Bloomi Caress Massager and the Bloomi Massage Oil. The gentle vibrations of the massager melt away tension. The massager is also waterproof and the non-vibrating part doubles as an internal toy.

Bloomi Massage Oil

Get carried away with the luxurious oil, infused with aphrodisiac botanicals, which creates a mood of pure indulgence. Let your worries melt like butter as your senses dance to the touch. Also, Bloomi’s oils are the only ones fit to be used with sex toys. Have fun!

The Selva Set

Explore your sensual side with this stunning piece that hugs your curves and celebrates your unique beauty. Feel empowered and confident as you move, your every step a silent serenade to self-love. The burgundy color also highlights a unique color expression for the month of love.

Fortuna Azul Set

Try your luck with the Fortuna Azul lingerie set. Its cool, calming blue tones soothe and relax while also helping you embrace your most confident side. All pieces are hand-stitched with a semi-precious stone that promotes the energy and balance of the astral body and our Chakras — the beautiful energy centers of our body. Made with love in Colombia.

Fortuna Chili Pepper Set

The Fortuna Chili Pepper Set sets off passion with fiery a spark of playful heat.

The Selva Jet Set Bodysuit

Elegant, bold and sexy, the Selva Jet Set bodysuit is a timeless piece that will adorn your curves sensually while making you feel as beautiful as ever.

Chili Pepper Robe

Finally, wrap yourself in the luxurious comfort of the Chili Pepper Robe, its soft warmth a symbol of intimacy and shared connection. As you cuddle close, reminisce about the laughter, the vulnerability, and the awakening of your senses. This is more than just a Valentine’s Day; it’s a symphony of love composed just for you.