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Morning Affirmations

Kickstart Your Day With 8 Powerful Affirmations Backed by Science to Transform Your Mornings

Feeling stressed and overwhelmed? Start your day right with these powerful affirmations! Science shows they can rewire your brain for positivity and boost your mental well-being. Try our 8 Modern
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8 Afro-Latinas Changing the World You Need to Follow Today

In honor of Black History Month, we're honoring nine Afro-Latinas who inspire us with their unique voices and tenacity.
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Alabama Lawmakers Scramble to Protect IVF After State Supreme Court Ruling Classifies Embryos as Children

Alabama's Supreme Court ruling on embryos as children throws fertility treatments into legal limbo. Lawmakers race to pass legislation protecting IVF and patients.
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Oscars Dresscode

From Old Hollywood Glamour to Modern Slay: Latinos Steal the Spotlight at the Oscars With These Iconic Looks

Latino excellence shone on and off the red carpet at this year's Oscars. Our in-house style and beauty expert, MATEO, is helping us celebrate the show-stopping looks and powerful presence
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Activists Push for Abortion Legalization in the Dominican Republic, Celebrities Join the Cause

Illegal abortion in the Dominican Republic continues, causing death among women and girls. Celebrities and activists call for legalization.
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Celebrate Spring’s Renewal with these 6 Tips to Build an Equinox Altar

Celebrate spring's renewal with a beautiful Spring Solstice altar. Here's how to build yours with flowers, crystals, and more.
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Positive Parenting

Five Ways to Implement Positive Parenting and Set Your Child Up for Lifelong Emotional Success

Beyond good vibes, positive parenting is about creating a nurturing environment for children.
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Elevate Your Dinner Game with Zulay’s Irresistible Herb-Roasted Chicken

Bring your family the warmth of homemade comfort with this mouthwatering roasted chicken
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The Reason Behind Women Aging Faster After Pregnancy

Recent scientific studies revealed why women are aging faster after pregnancy and childbirth,
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